Multi Agency Working

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Multi-agency Working

Explain the importance of multi –agency working and integrated working. (outcome 1.1)

Multi-agency working brings together practitioners and working professionals to provide a way of working together to support children and young people through their development. This is very important in ensuring that each and every child is supported in their development to all achieve the same outcomes. Agency professionals such as GP’s, SENCO’s, speech and language specialists and social services and external organisations such as dance teachers, children’s entertainers, sporting groups etc all integrate their support to help aid young people and children in their learning development. By up-keeping communication and working together, the childs primary needs are being met and maintained and any additional support that a child or young person may need can be dealt with and extended in an appropriate way that best suits the needs of that child.

How do you think integrated working and multi-agency working deliver better outcomes for children and young people? (outcome 1.2)

Multi agency working aims to ensure that the needs of a child or young person are being met in the best way they can as this is part of the professional involved, duty. By working together to help support the needs of the child the child will therefore receive the best possible support available as all professionals and parties involved within that child’s life will all be informed about the outcome required for the child so can all work together efficiently in ensuring the outcomes can be met. The goals and outcomes that are set in place can all be followed easily if the parent/carer and practitioners and professionals are all well informed and communicating well so that everyone is on the ‘same page’ with regards to the child or young person’s development. Also, outside agencies that may work with schools such as football companies, musical companies etc all have...
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