much ado about nothing

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Cole Woods’ Much Ado About Nothing Portfolio

Act 1
1. I think that the title is implying that in the story there will be something that everyone makes a huge deal about but in reality it is either insignificant or literally nothing. 2. The setting is Messina, Italy at Leonato's house

3. There is an air of happiness set in the first scene due to winning the most recent battle with the loss of only a few men 4. She asks this in reference to Benedick as a clever stab at him. This is just a continuation of their constant battle of wits 5. Claudio is interested in Hero because she is beautiful and a great girl, but he is also interested in her because with her being Leonato's only child that makes her his heir and if Claudio were to marry her he could find himself swimming in a good bit of wealth 6. I think Claudio asks for other's opinions of Hero because he values his friend's opinions and he wants to learn what others see in and value about her. 7. Benedick is a witty man with a humorous side and he also seems to have a hatred for Beatrice. This first joke shows us that his humor is a very sarcastic type 8. I think there is a deep set bitterness between Benedick and Beatrice from the way they bicker and provoke each other. 9. Antonio tells Leonato that the Prince Don Pedro is in love with his daughter Hero. Leonato is excited to share this news because it is a big deal for the Prince to be in love with his daughter. 10. This scene shows that parent-child relationships are fairly good. Even though Leonato is excited about the Prince being in love with his daughter he is still going to talk to her about it and see what she has to say, demonstrating a strong bond between them. 11. Don John is very bitter over his most recent loss in battle to his brother Don Pedro. 12. I think that Borachio is very loyal to Don John. He gets his information by sneaking around, hiding, and eavesdropping on other people's conversations. I personally would not trust someone like this as my friend.

Act 2
1. Beatrice jokes about Don John's personality and wealth. I think she is both witty and crude, because some of her comments are quick and funny but others are just plain mean towards him. 2. Beatrice thinks that men are not for her and are just rude. I think she is being too harsh. I bet that she hasn't always felt this way and that when she was younger she had a completely different view but something happened that changed her mind. 3. I think that Beatrice recognizes who he is by the way that she insults him. 4. Don John does this to trick Claudio into thinking that Don Pedro is going to woo Hero for himself. He falls easily because he is very easily persuaded to think differently and since it was Don John he must be telling the truth of his brother. I personally have never encountered a situation where this quote has been true. 5. Benedick doesn't set things right with Claudio because he is to busy ranting and steaming over what Beatrice has said to him earlier. 6. I think he enjoys the challenge of convincing both parties of their love. It shows that he doesn't mind messing with other people's lives and that he actually gets enjoyment out of doing so. I think that he sees a good match in them because he sees their bickering as a cover up for true feelings lying beneath the surface. 7. She refused his offer for them to marry because she thinks that he has too much wealth. Don Pedro's offer was genuine. I think his feelings were somewhat hurt because who would refuse to marry the Prince. She means that she has deceived him in what she has said and done. 8. His plan for slandering Hero is for him to meet Margaret on Hero's balcony and they will pretend she is Hero while Don John goes to show Claudio and the Prince. His plan will also put shame to Don Pedro for setting Claudio up with a prostitute and it will kill Claudio to find out that his perfect bride isn't so perfect. I think...
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