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Benedick also cares what Beatrice thinks of him because he pretends to be someone else in order to hear what she has to say Benedick is a smart, witty, good-looking guy. He always has a response to everyone's comments and likes to finish off the conversation with the last word. Benedick is the sort of person who believes that marriage leads to the trapping of men. Therefore, he never wants to get married and does not know how marriage can be a good thing in anybody's case.

he calls him "Signor Mountanto", suggesting that he is proud and arrogant, and he calls her "Lady Disdain", suggesting that she is contemptuous and scornful.

Benedick is cleverHe can twist people's words around very easily He is a strong characterHe talks openly and mocks other people He says he will not marryHe tells his friends to 'hang me in a bottle like a cat, and shoot at me' if he ever marries Benedick insults BeatriceHe compares her to 'a parrot-teacher' (talking a lot of nonsense) Benedick is independentHe sides with Beatrice against his friends Benedick can be trickedHe believes Beatrice loves him almost instantly Benedick changes in the playHe wants to marry at the end and tells everyone 'man is a giddy thing'There are a number of other characters you might want to look at. The following section gives a brief outline of their characteristics and relationships.

Arrogant, brash, rude, cocky and one of the boys on the outside. But deep down he is a very loving soul, loyal and loving... and obviously deeply in love with Beatrice.... :)
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