Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing
The play Much Ado About Nothing created by William Shakespeare is humorous and entertaining. It is about two people who love eachother, when someone sabotages their relationship. In the end they get married and live a very happy life. Although this play is comedic, deception, god or bad, is present throughout it. Deception is found when Don John ruins Hero and Claudio’s wedding, it is also found when the other characters decieve Beatrice and Benvolio that they love eachother, and when Claudio thinks he is marrying Hero’s cousin.

When the war had ended, Claudio saw Hero and instantly fell in love. They soon got engaged and decided to get married. As word spread, Don John decided to play a little trick. He chose to destroy their wedding. He decieved Claudio and Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon, into thinking that Hero is not pure. He did this by showing them two others, his friend and one of Hero’s cousins, making love by the window as he called her by Hero’s name. Don John decieved Claudio and the whole wedding was sabotaged. Claudio rejects Hero at the altar, everybody is apalled, and Hero is ordered to be killed.

Once Hero and Claudio were engaged, they decided to decieve them, along with many others, by setting Beatrice and Benedick up. Beatrice was feisty and skeptical, while Benedick was one who disliked women and promised he would never marry. Claudio and Don Pedro see Benedick hiding behind the bushes and decieve him by speaking about how Beatrice thought he was dreamy. They said that she thought he was a sweet person and loved how he always had a witty remark to say back to her and if he ever found out, she would die of embarassment because she was madly in love with him. Hero had spoken to an older woman about how Benedick was madly in love with Beatrice and always had a place for her in his heart, knowing that Beatrice was hiding behind trees.

After Claudio found out that Don John decieved him, he felt bad....
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