Act 2

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 Much Ado About Nothing - Act II Study Guide
Scene i
1. What do Leonato and Antonio say to Beatrice to tease her? 2. In what ways are Beatrice and Benedick alike?
3. What does Beatrice have against marriage?
4. As the people enter the ballroom, how do they pair off?
5. How does Beatrice insult Benedick? A little latter, how does the reader know that Benedick is upset? 6. Don John sees his brother speaking of love to Hero. Then he sees one man still wearing a mask, and he learns from Borachio that the masked man is Claudio. Why does Don John ask Claudio if he is Signior Benedick? 7. When he is alone, what is Claudio’s response to the news that Don John has just given him? 8. After Benedick enters and annoys Claudio so much that Claudio walks off, what is Benedick’s reaction to Beatrice’s earlier insult? 9. To what does Benedick compare Claudio? What is being suggested about Claudio? 10. For what reason does Benedick exit in such a hurry? In leaving, what does Benedick call Beatrice? What is suggested about their verbal dueling? 11. Explain the pun that Benedick uses. (Look for “dish” and “food.”) 12. How does Don Pedro tease Beatrice? What is Don Pedro’s opinion of Beatrice? 13. How does Leonato react to Don Pedro’s suggestion that Beatrice and Benedick would be a good match? Who will work toward the match of Beatrice and Benedick? 14. How is Beatrice a foil to Don John? How is she also a foil for Hero? 15. The war is over, and this happy, harmonious time is celebrated with a masquerade ball. In what way is Don John’s presence an exception to the harmony? Scene ii

1. Explain Borachio’s scheme to end the marriage plans of Claudio and Hero? What is Don John’s part in the plan? 2. According to Borachio, why will Margaret cooperate in this? Scene iii
1. What is the point of Benedick’s soliloquy?
2. What does Benedick do as Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro enter? Why does he do this? 3. What does Don Pedro notice?
4. In the exchange between Balthazar and Don...
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