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MTV Arabia

1. Since one of the biggest challenges faced by MTV was launching MTV Arabia and coping with the prevalent culture of the Arab world, it is important to explain what issues may be difficult for them to deal with. Since the Arab world has many different types of societal and economic issues that relate to their various national people, their entertainment tastes and budgets must be catered to. The Arab culture is often much more conservative and based on traditional customs than MTV’s very westernized cultural foundation. The Arab world is an ancient civilization founded thousands of years ago, while MTV’s American culture is just a few hundred years old. MTV has to better research what will meet the demands of the Arab people by learning how their tastes and preferences differ from the western world.

The Arab culture has a more survival oriented type of lifestyle where their daily lives revolve around their families more than Americans who often live far from their immediate family or do not spend as much time with them due to long working hours. They value very specific cultural values, such as family honor, perception over reality, and men being able to support their families to prove their worth. The men feel they must protect their women and shield them from anything controversial. They believe in dressing and acting conservatively and appropriately at all times. They are easily embarrassed by overt gestures or sexual content among mixed company or family members on television. They still believe in restricting certain ideas from becoming too much a part of the Arab culture, such as acceptable controversial materials in magazines or movies. Their cultural and religious beliefs and values are a major part of everything they do, so they try to be good Muslims as much as they possibly can. Their individual and national identities are linked to being Arab Muslims and they attempt to live up to the traditional religious and cultural...

References: Purkayastha, D. (2008). MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge. ICMR Center for Management Research.
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