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Topics: MTV, Music video, Video Killed the Radio Star Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Have you ever wondered about MTV and how it became as big as it is today? The reason for this is that it has been around a while and your parents may have even watched it when they were younger. So, they have a little experience in how to draw young teens to watch their programs. MTV got its big start and revolutionized television as modern viewers know it today. MTV, or Music Television was started on August 1, 1981. It was broadcast almost everywhere in America. It was filmed in New York City where it is still based today. It is the same network today, but it has changed a lot. The first song that was played on MTV was called “Video killed the Radio Star”. It was sung by a group called The Buggles. This was a very popular song all over and it was deemed a good choice for the first song broadcasted. Many people also believed that the meaning of the song was that MTV, the new music video broadcasting station was going to destroy the radio. Some people thought that the song was performed live, but it was just a video. MTV was quite a big hit by the 1990’s. It was viewed in over 50 million American homes. It became a target for all advertisers because of the number of young viewers that watched MTV. The kids would beg their parents to buy the products they saw on the advertisements and it made out to be a good investment for advertisers. The attention and money that the advertisers brought in was good for MTV because they got more offers to get commercial time which means more money for them. Some people that were on MTV when it was in its first few years were Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Cranberries, and Nirvana. They helped to kind of kick off the show and set it up for successful years to come. There are also some big-named people who probably played music from that MTV which helped to jump start their career. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Peter Gabriel, U2, and Duran Duran were some of the people that were all a part of...
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