MTH 213 Week 3 Individual Assignment Text Problems

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This file of MTH 213 Week 3 Discussion Question 2 contains: Many current mathematics textbooks emphasize mental mathematics and estimation. Do you think these topics are important for students today? Explain your answer. This pack of MTH 213 Week 3 Individual Assignment Text Problems includes answers to the next questions: Evaluation 3-3B Place parentheses, if required, to make each of the following equations true 23. Jonah has a huge collection of marbles. He observes that if he borrows 5 marbles from an acquaintance, he can organize the marbles in rows of 13 each. What will be the remainder when he divides his actual number of marbles by 13? Evaluation 3-4B

15. Xuan saved $5340 during 3 years. If he saved $95 each month in the first year and an equal amount per month for the following 2 years, how much did he save per month in the last 2 years? Evaluation 3-5B

7. Calculate each of the following mentally. Briefly explain your method for each case. Mathematical Connections 3-3 Exercise 2
2. Can 0 be the identity for multiplication? Discuss why or why not. Mathematical Connections 3-5 Exercises.
5. Give different examples from real-life situations where an estimate, instead of an accurate answer is enough. 10. A student questions why he has to know about any estimation approach other than rounding. What will be your response? Chapter 5

Evaluation 5-1B
15. Prove that ?x ?y= ?y-x, for all integers x and y.
18. Find all integers x, if there exist any, such that the following are true: Evaluation 5-2 B
12. Prove that the distributive property of multiplication over addition, a (b+c) =ab+ac are true for all of the given values of a, b, and c: 13. Calculate the following:
17. Find the property of integers being illustrated in each of the following: Evaluation 5-3B
3. Without utilizing a calculator, test each of the following numbers for divisibilit...

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