Msn 3.02-03-2002

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MSN 3.02-03-2002
Buildings and Premises for Institutions and Organisations
1 Scope
2 Codes and standards
3 Terms and definitions
4 General
5 Requirements to premises
6 Fire safety
7 Safety in use
8 Compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements
9 Energy conservation
10 Durability and maintainability
Appendix А (mandatory). References
Appendix B (mandatory). Terms and definitions
Appendix C (mandatory). Rules for calculating the total area of buildings, area of premises, total structural volume, footprint area and number of building floors during design Appendix D (mandatory). List of premises in buildings of institutions that can be located on underground and semi-basement floors  

This document contains norms and regulations for a group of buildings and premises with common functional and space/layout features and designed mainly for intellectual labour and non-production activities that are different from buildings designed for production of tangible assets and provision of services to the public. The defining features of this group of buildings are: composition of the main functional groups of premises, space/layout structure, same functional fire class of buildings/structures taking into account methods of use (during day time only), fire risk degree and characteristics of main personnel as established by MSN 2.02-01. In accordance with the principles defined in MSN 1.01-01, this document sets out a number of mandatory normative requirements to operational characteristics of building used by organisations and institutions, including and first of all the requirements to their safety and compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Participants in development of this document are: Viktorova L.A, Cand. Arch (FTsS Stroy-sertifikatsiya of Russian Federation Gosstroy); Garnets A.M., Cand. Arch (Public Buildings Institute), Glukharev V.A., Sopotsko S.Yu., Cand. Tech. Sci. (Russian Federation Gosstroy); Lerner I.I., Cand. Arch ("TsNIIEP named after Mezentsev B.S." CJSC); Skrob L.A., Cand. Arch; Storozhenko T.E., ("TsNIIpromzdaniy" CJSC).  

1 Scope
This document shall be applied during design, construction and operation of new and refurbished buildings used by institutions and organisations, including: institutions of local government control bodies; administrative buildings of various enterprises, including industrial ones; offices and buildings of scientific research, design and development organisations; buildings of financial institutions and banks, buildings of legal institutions and public prosecution bodies; editing and publishing organisations (with the exception of printing houses), as well as buildings and premises of other non-production institutions using their premises during a part of the day time for accommodation of permanent personnel accustomed to the local conditions. This document sets out requirements to safety and other operational characteristics of buildings that are mandatory for all legal entities and private individuals carrying out design and construction of buildings for institutions and organisations (hereinafter "buildings of institutions"). In addition to this document, other, more general codes and standards shall be complied with during design and construction of buildings and premises for the above institutions if they do not conflict with the requirements of this document. This document applies to all buildings regardless of the sources of financing (state or municipality budget or own funds of developers that carry out construction of buildings for own needs or for rental purposes). This document does not apply to design of buildings for the Government, police, security and defence bodies, customs services, embassies and other facilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in other countries, state archives,...
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