Msc Las Extended Essay Titles from 2006

Topics: Latin America, Spanish language, Americas Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Please note that the University of Oxford and the Latin American Centre do not retain copies of the essays listed below Master of Science in Latin American Studies Extended Essay Titles 2010-2011 ARGHIRIS, N. Antecedents to the 1912 electoral reform in Argentina ARGUELLO, A. La cuarta urna es una cortina de humo: The Honduran Constitutional Crisis and Presidential Instability in Latin America During the 21st Century. BEARD, T. Towards an Understanding of Women's Empowerment: Evidence from Brazil. ETHERIDGE E. Regional Integration And Power In Latin America: The Case Of Alba FOGGETT, A. Racial Self-identification and Affirmative Action in Brazil KELLER, M. With Friends Like These…: Is Mercosur Still Necessary for Brazil to Achieve Its Foreign Policy Ambitions? KOCABAS, O. Failure Of Democratic Police Reform In Post-Authoritarian Brazil KRAKAU, P. The EU and regional integration initiatives in Latin America. LE GOFF, PL Los Cartoneros of Buenos Aires: Waste Scavenging and the Appropriation of Space in the Neoliberal City. MUELLER, J. How effective were CCTs in Brazil and Mexico in improving educational outcomes? An introduction to Bolsa Família and Oportunidades and their comparative effectiveness on educational outcomes. PARTRIDGE, L. Evo Morales: The Role of Discourse in the Rise of Inclusive Indigenous Politics in Contemporary Bolivia.

PLATTS-MILLS, J. A new project or old policies made popular, to what extent are Lula‟s socioeconomic policies a rupture from the neoliberalism of FHC? RAYNOR, C. The Church and the Military in Argentina: A Study of El Movimiento de Sacerdotes para el Tercer Mundo REYNOLDS, J. Do the policies pursued by centre-left governments in Latin America represent a new development model for the region? RODRIGUEZ, S. A New Foreign Policy in the Dominican Republic: An Analysis of U.S. – Dominican Relations. SANGUEZA, E. Tunnel Visions: Photographing Development in Peru, 1860-1890. STUCKEY, D. The Role of the United States in...
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