Mrs. Maloney

Topics: Thought, Mind, Want Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: May 28, 2013
It wasn’t six o’clock yet and the lights were still on in the neighborhood grocery. Mrs. Maloney tired to keep herself calm and collected to seem normal. She did not want anyone to suspect that something was wrong. It was very difficult since she jus killed her husband. Currently, she was at the canned goods isle searching for her husband’s favorite can of beans. Too occupied with her thoughts on how to complete her plan successfully, she accidentally knocked a few of the cans over. A women next to her bent down to help her put them back up on the shelf. The woman asked, “Are you alright? You seem a bit frazzled.” Mrs. Maloney answered, “Oh yes, I’m fine! Just thinking of what to prepare for my husband for dinner since we decided to stay in tonight”. After putting back the last of the cans on the shelf, “Same here. Isn’t annoying that we have to slave away for our husbands all day and all night? I think I have had enough already! I’m Louise Mallard, by the way”. Mrs. Maloney replied, “I’m Mary Maloney and yes, I agree but I loved my job. It’s what I lived for. And now that he threatened to take it away, I took him away!” Mrs. Mallard: You don’t mean you killed him, did you?

Mrs. Maloney: Why, I had no other choice. Between me and you, I think all men are the same. They keep us trapped. Don’t you think? Mrs. Mallard: Well, I can’t say I haven’t thought about it before. You are not wrong at all. I wish my husband were dead too. Then, it would set me free. I would be able to live my life for myself. Mrs. Maloney: Well, good luck with your husband! I need to go home now. If you ever need anything, give me a call. I’ve got to go cover up the scene so that nobody suspects me. I’m only doing this for my baby.

They exchange numbers.

Mrs. Mallard: Oh! Good luck with you as well. I hope everything works out!

The next day....the phone rings at the Maloney household.
Mrs. Mallard: Oh my goodness! Guess what? I just heard the most wonderful news. My husband is...
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