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By amjedusa Oct 10, 2013 575 Words
Students Grade Teachers
Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? The grade is important for every thing to correct the faults, and it will help to improve the abilities. The teacher has very critical position that needs to be developed all the time, therefore the student should be allowed to grade the teachers because it will show the teacher their weaknesses, it will improve teacher’s abilities, and it will teach the students the confidence.

First, the students should be allowed to grade the teachers to help them to know their weaknesses. Most of teachers like the grade because it will tell them how much they need to eliminate their weakness. For instance, the grade will let the teachers indicate the topics, which he needs to be aware of it. Moreover, the grade will concentrate on the gaps between the students and the teachers. Some teachers do not pay attention to the gaps that occur in class, and if it is not treated well, it will extend more and more, and then will affect in the entire studying climate. For example, if the teachers don’t listen to their students’ suggestions, the students will not respect teacher classes. And then the teachers will lose the control of their classes. Thus, the grade should be allowed to pay the teachers attention to avoid their weaknesses.

Second, the students should be allowed to grade the teachers to improve teacher’s abilities. The teachers need to improve their skills all the time. The professional teachers keep themselves update with the newest knowledge. Specifically, the grade will force the teachers to develop their knowledge. Sometimes the teachers need motive to stimulate their skills in classes, therefore the grade is considered as a motive to the teachers to grade themselves. Furthermore, the grade gives the teacher feedback from the students, and it will help him to amend any mistakes in his pattern. The grade is a kind of criticism, it gives the teacher a point of a view from the other side, and then it will help him to make judging in his manner. So, the grade is helpful to the teachers to improve their skills.

Third, the students should be allowed to grade the teachers because it will teach the students confidence. The students need encourage to express their opinion clearly. The grade provides a good opportunity to the students to say what they think about their teacher. This opportunity is essential to students to build strong confidence in their personality. In particular, the students are often adolescent and they express their idea without any compliment, and the teacher can use this pure idea to reevaluate his methods. Definitely, the expression of idea can build confidence in students. In addition, the grade can build the confidence between the students and teachers. During classrooms, the confidence between teacher and student is required to reach to the maximum benefit. Generally, the knowledge needs a bridge to transfer from teacher to the students. The confidence is a proper bridge to transfer the knowledge from teacher to the students. Therefore, the grade is necessary to teach the students how to be reasonable.

In conclusion, the students should be allowed to grade the teachers to give the teachers attention to their faults. The grade will improve teacher’s knowledge as well as build the student’s personality. My opinion is the grade should be allowed by students to make a perfect learning operation.

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