Topics: Cooking, Cheese, Smoking Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: October 30, 2014
For the grilled pork sausage and gratinated with Monterey Jack cheese, a grill is need in the cooking process, the speed usually less than 15 minutes and the energy efficiency is low1. It is suitable for the pork sausage and cheese because those ingredients are thin and flat pieces of tender poultry. For the steamed hamburger bun and hot dog, a steamer is need during the process. The speed of the steamer is fast and the energy efficiency is low2. Those hot dog and hamburger bun are suitable for steamer since they are small pieces of tender food. However, there are some challenges of using them inside the MTR station. The grill is not safety to use in the MTR station and it is not able for large volume cooking3. In the station, there is indoor area many people will walk around the station it is very dangerous to use the grill inside. Also, the grill only can cook for a small amount of food, if there are many people buy the food, the customers need wait a lot of time for the food. For the steamer, it is also not safety to use in the indoor area. It is because the steaming will produce a lot of steams while the cooking process some people may feel not well and trap the fresh air in the MTR station. It is very dangerous to use inside the MTR station too. 1. Lecture 2 Culinary Studies Dry heat cooking methods PowerPoint slides. (2013) 2. Lecture 4 Culinary Studies Water based cooking methods PowerPoint slides. (2013) 3. The Disadvantages of Electric Grills HYPERLINK http// http// Y, NWbJpzJm.g v1-JOPg7)MrWc(xOmdOo0m HC(Gl-jzvY,dLGX_sB6IiAb9L638hT-LZp4ENxZxY(wHHli--6tkuN/fksC 6Q
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