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The International Research Plan and Methodology
Jignesh Thakore

Table of Contents
2.Research plan4
2.1 Objective4
2.2. Issues or Topic5
3.Research methodology7
3.2 Data collection7
3.2.1. Secondary sources7
3.2.2 Primary sources8

1. Introduction

In the year 1980, Veikko Sali created and developed Molok® deep-collection system in Finland. Since that time, Molok® containers have spread across the globe and are now in over 40 countries worldwide. Molok North America Ltd. headquartered located Minount Forest, Ontario and operated since 1999. Molok deep collection offers a clean, effective and efficient collection point for a variety of waste types and situations. This deep colleting system is more compact and hygienic than other waste collecting system. Molok deep collection system offers supreme advantages in limited space constrain. Molok deep collection system key factor is its vertical, underground design. In this design Only 40 per cent of the container is visible, while the remaining 60 per cent is underground. It mean more storage in less space and its come in different capacity.

2. Research plan

As a part of research plan for Molok North America to enter Kansan (USA), Following are some of the objectives that must be considered by the company.

* 2.1 Objective

Strategic Objective| Why the objective is important to the organization| * Indentify market size| * Helps company to know states population and population density so they may take decision to which area they have to focus more for good market for product. | * Identify market potential | * To know if product excepted by customer or market * To get idea about possibility of growth in profits and revenues | * Identify Competitors | * This information helps Molok to identify current competitor's size, market share. | * Current solid waste collection trends | * Helps Molok to determine currents situation about waste collection trends and uniqueness of product| * Infrastructure | * To identify uses of computers, other forms of Technology and their levels of development. * Identify different modes of transportation and their efficiency * Cost of energy * Identify financing methods in area. | * Urbanization | * To identify the demands of deep waste colleting container and areas income level. |



* 2.2. Issues or Topic
Issues or topics that will be researched|
Issue or topic| Why the issue is important for exporting to the identified markets| 1) Provincial and federal rules and regulations| * Organization can know this product legal in selected state. * What type of safety and additional service provide to that state as per rule. * Understanding of Consumer protection rule and labour law * How distribution and service provide * Permit time duration and fees. * | 2) Political and economical environment | * Organization can identify what type of Political, Economical problem will be face| 3) Current statues about waste colleting system | * Which type of waste management firm operated in state? * How this firm affected to the Molok product or services.| 4) Competitor | * Organization can identify what type competitor in local and international market.| 5) Types of market | * Organization can identify size of residential, industries and other market available in Kansas. * What type of service provider partner available for Molok | 6) Market methodology | * Organization can identify what type of promotion and advertisement required.| 7) Budget | * Organization can identify how much money going to spend on this research paln| 8) Time limit | * Organization plan that up to how much time...
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