movie theater vs home theater

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Every week a number of new movies come on the market to go watch in a theater. Now the question is, would you rather go watch a movie in the theater, or watch it in your own living room? A theater is always nice because of the big screen and the fresh popcorn, but then again your own couch and popcorn sounds good as well.

The first main thing to think about would be the difference in distance between movies. Is there a movie theater near you? If not that creates the problem of having to drive a long ways, and wasting gas to watch a movie that you could watch right inside your house. But then again some people need or enjoy that sense of driving a while to get to a movie theater. For me personally i would much rather stay at my house and curl into a nice little ball on my couch and pass out to a good movie. This saves gas, time, money and effort instead of driving to a theater. Now another thing to think about would be the fact that movies always come out in theaters way before they do on DVD. So unless you have a way to watch new movies on your television, it looks like your going to the theater to watch that new comedy.

This new girl you meet wants to go on a nice movie date with you! Where do you bring her, Movie theater or stay at home to watch a movie on the couch. Either way you can watch a good movie, the only differences are that if its a first date, your most likely going to want to get dinner then a movie, so a theater would work perfectly for that. If your a good cook, then you can have a nice home cooked meal before diving into the movie. Decisions decisions.

One reason that I love home theater is the fact that there is no bad seating. The last time i visited a movie theater to watch a movie on opening night, i was running a little late and ended up in the front row staring into space.  Not a problem at your own house, your favorite seat...
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