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Website Development Template
Travis Meyers
Week #2
October 14, 2014

Website Development Template
Provide a brief high level summary of the information about the website that is covered in the following items. Do this by covering the specific items in a single full paragraph.
My website is going to cover the types of electronics out there that are well suited for the home theatre environment, everything from receivers, speakers, digital media players, (Blu-ray, DVD), connections to be made, additions to your home theatre system.
The purpose of the site is to enlighten people to what they can do with some time, money, and dedication to their system. If they are a serious audiophile as myself, they will appreciate the system information that I bring to them. If not, they will at least get an understanding of what and how to set up a great system.
Audience would consist of persons ranging in age from 18 years old to 99 years old. Most people like to listen to good music, or listen to an immersive experience when watching a movie. My main focus here is to educate those that have little or no experience within the home theatre genre.
Site Map

Currently the site map is under development at this point. I am adding and taking away new features that I would like to add constantly.
The website that I am designing, is going to basically consist of a page that users can go to, to get information about home theater systems, and their applications. I will include specifics of setting up a room for home theater, placement of speakers, other media that can be connected to the system, and integrating such things as Ipods, and gaming systems.

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