Movie: the Caine Mutiny - Evaluating the Performance of a Government

Topics: Form of government, Democracy, Government Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Movie: The Caine Mutiny - Evaluating the Performance of a Government

Governments are an essential and important part to our everyday life, and without, there would be no control or leadership. Governments are sanctioned to constitute and systemize the interrelationships of the people with their divisional bounds, the relations of the people of the community as a whole, and the arrangements of the community with other political entities. In the movie, "The Caine Mutiny", a form of government plays an important role to everybody aboard the ship. There were certain hardships with the configuration of the government, and in this case, the government was the captain. Although the captain didn't go directly against the Naval Regulations, the crew thought that he was incapable of holding this position as captain. With all of this happening, it was hard for the sailors aboard the ship to appreciate the form of government and their leader.

The constitution for many countries, hold the rules (may be written, or not written) to which a government must obey. In this scenario, the Naval Regulations were intended to be followed upon and consented to. If a government is fulfilling its basic functions, then it is properly following the constitution, but if it isn't ensuing the constitution, then the fundamental purposes aren't being achieved. Within the constitution, there is power granted to impeach the leader if he/she is not implementing their primary services. In the movie, we see captain Queeg as one who is incompetent of achieving his job as the leader. Captain Queeg can be easily compared with Charles III—king of England during the Revolutionary War. He was old, and powerful, and with authority, but also wrong. Captain's new position angered many sailors aboard the old battle ship with his strict and reserved mannerisms, and the way he handled many situations gave the sailors fair reason to be easily infuriated. Overall Queeg portrayed a very futile...
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