Movie Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Film, Target audience Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: January 31, 2010
Movie Marketing Case
I would like to analyze the movie marketing before the launch using the model 8. 1 Simple communications model, 8.5 Advertising essentials and 8.2 AIDA and the promotion mix. Before the movie is launched the movie marketers have to communicate with their target audience. According to the model Advertising essentials, the message of the marketers has to go through the creative team and media before it reaches the audience. Based on module Simple communications model, in the movie marketing sender is the movie marketers, be more precise creative team, who encode the message (they want to give to the targeted audience) in trailers, posters etc. however, there may be a distortion in-between this process when they do not success in encoding their message the right way. The noise is media, critics who can influence the perception of the target audience. However, not only noises can influence its perception, the distortions like poor quality of the TV, radio or personal problems are also on the way of the audiences’ perception. Next, according to the model 8.2 AIDA and the promotion mix, first of all, before the movie is launched it is very important to make sure that the audience goes through the “psychological or behavioral process”. The audience’s attention has to be gained, so that their interest would arouse in their mind so that they will have a desire to watch the movie, and finally go to the cinema to watch a movie. At the beginning there are the cognitive steps: the attention and interest (can be simultaneous with desire). They can be promoted by advertising like 30 second trailer and/or PR. With these promotions the consumers will get to know the movie and gain interest about it. After that comes affective and conative step: desire and action. During the affective step or a step of feeling, movie has to appeal to the audience so that they would like to watch it. This can be done by the TV trailers, cinema trailers, merchandising...
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