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Jan Milka Buenaflor
Film Review

Taare Zameen Par (Every Child Is Special)
“If parents are fond of racing then have racehorses why have children?” – Nikumbh

Every Child Is Special is a Hindi film released in 2007 and directed by Aamir Khan. This drama film focused on how to understand the dreams and special needs of a child. Friends and family support, tolerance and love are the central themes in this movie. It also focuses on painting and art. This film review will discuss such aspects as music/sound, cinematography and animation/special effects.

The story takes place in India which was released on 21 December 2007. This film tells us a story of an 8 year old Indian boy named Ishaan who always gets in trouble at school for being disobedient and out of focus from his lessons in class. Sometimes he may be caught by the teachers for daydreaming and as a result, he’s getting very low grade. For that reason, his father sent him to a boarding school all alone and homesick with a hope of disciplining him, but Ishaan’s academics status did not improve. He become lonely and withdraws far from the Ishaan who was an active and fun loving kid. A substitute art teacher came and change the best way Ishaan would act towards school and figure out things on how to appreciate himself even more.

Sound, especially music is important in building tension and stirring emotions. It was used very creatively and effectively in “Every Child Is Special”. The music describes the characters of the family member of Ishaan. The father is hard working and responsible, Yohan (Ishaan’s older brother) is the ideal son and the mother is caring and understanding. A robotic style of music overlaps most of the scenes like morning routines of his mother, father and brother but later changes for Ishaan to imply that he is different from the rest of his family. The teacher scolded Ishaan because his shoe was dirty, Ishaan then skipped school and rode a bus to the city while the music...
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