Slumdog millionaire

Topics: Slumdog Millionaire, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Love Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: December 15, 2013

Slumdog Millionaire

The movie that I’ve watched in class the past lessons is called Slumdog Millionaire. It is about Jamal Malik and the story of his life. He is an eighteen-year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai. Jamal is in the race for money on the Indian version of ‘‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’’. Because of his extreme knowledge he is suspected to be cheating. The police can’t really believe that a boy from the slums is smart enough to get that far in the contest. In order to convince the police that he is not guilty and that it’s only pure knowledge, Jamal begins to reflect back on his childhood. For every question that he is asked, you get to see an event from his life. The movie jumps back and forth, and even though it can be really tricky to catch up with movies that are in that sort of way, it’s perfect for this movie. It makes the movie more important because you get to go back to Jamal’s early life and then come back to present time again. In Slumdog Millionaire you get to follow Jamal Malik’s life, from being a child to becoming a young adult. You also get to see some of the terrible things that daily happens in India, especially to children who just like Jamal and his brother Salim are by themselves without any relatives. They get kidnapped at a young age and are then forced to work for others. It’s not just any job they have to complete, it’s in a business involved with drugs and alcohol for example. These kinds of jobs are very usual and extremely dangerous for the children, since it commonly involves violence too.

I have not read or seen movies that are exactly the same like Slumdog Millionaire, but a bit similar. The movie kind of reminded me a bit of a book that I read a long time ago, which is one of my favourites. The book has also been made into a film and it’s called The Kite Runner. The Kite Runner is a novel about two childhood friends that are torn apart as their country is ravaged by endless war. Some things happen and...
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