Topics: Want, Need, Superhero Pages: 1 (159 words) Published: December 31, 2014
The avengers
A few months ago, I had seen the movie called “The Avengers”. This movie introduced that one-day, suddenly, having an evil group want to destroy the world. Because the evil group’s power is strong, nobody include hero can defeat it. The 6 heroes in this movie are. The shield, is a group of still protect the world, will realize they have the responsibility to face it and the only best way is let the 6 heroes to defeat the evil power together. At the beginning, the 6 heroes cannot be controlled. Everyone want to use your ways to face the evil power not be together, so they are always lose until they are realizing they will become a term to confront the evil group for protecting the earth. Every people have different idea, and when we do every thing, using different ways to do. But all of the human need friend because the power of one people is limited.
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