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Topics: Competition, Brand, Corporation Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: November 3, 2013
1.) What measures can Starbucks take to ensure that their brand image and reputation for quality is not tarnished while implementing the growth strategy? Since Starbucks is in an open market economy of course it is unavoidable that competition consistently exits. And to be able to compete with your rivals, corporation must see to it that you have a competitive advantage over them that compared with this products and services being offered. PRICE-is about the price of the products and services you are offering. One important consideration about price is about the standing and stability of income of your stakeholders, consider them as the most important thing in determining your price; if “All can afford”. See to it that your products price fits for everyone that the compensation the customer pays you satisfies you and the products and services you are offering satisfies them as well. For price, taking vitally, you can gain advantage over other competitors, and it will affect your corporation’s brand and reputation precisely. QUALITY OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES-Of course all businesses prioritize most importantly the products and services they are offering because these serves as their key to success, these where their returns come from and for without it, what’s the use of putting business venture either. And in other words, for without it, everything would be frozen. Primary concerns here, since you’re ahead of competition and various risks and rivals, you have to maintain the strength and feasibility of your product on how it will positively noticed by the latter. And if it’ll gone success, fortunately this would mean profit and it will absolutely affect your brand image and market reputation that it will actually bring the name of your corporation. KNOWLEDGE-There’s no greater and stronger if you knew everything part in your field. Upon seeing in an industry-wide economy, millions organizations ,firms, companies, individuals and people are walking to it, aiming...
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