Topics: Management, Leadership, Strategic management Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Life is a challenge. I’m always looking for new challenges and never stop at what has already been achieved. This life position is the main driver for all my ambitious ideas and goals. Currently this driver directs me to the Program and the valuable experience this Program can give to achieve my long-term career goals. Frankly speaking, I choose Management as a professional sphere, when I was at school. During my studies at the University, I finally decided that Management is my vocation. I have always been drawn to business management because to me it’s a very exciting environment with lots of demands and challenges. I have a specialist degree in Management. I always participated on the University life, so I took part on the scientific management conferences for 3 times and my articles were published in the annual university journals. My latest University research was awarded as the best project and helped me won on the conference with the topic “The Core competences beyond competition”. In support of this, my job helped me to confirm job interests and career direction. It’s a field that I am greatly interested in, and wish to learn more about. However the thing that excites me the most about business management is the way it can directly and indirectly affect the lives of so many people. I strive to learn all aspects of Management and I practiced all aspects in my previous job. During my work as a senior sales and service manager my interest in Management has grown. I started work as a specialist and I was promoted. I have discovered that it’s more than just management, it’s about ensuring that a customers' experience is nothing other than exceptional, while I worked as a manager I motivated a team of employees to effectively deliver the following responsibilities: exceptional customer service, building and maintaining a loyal customer base, coaching & guiding customers on product knowledge and application, organizing events, handling the arrival of new...
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