My Life, My Way

Topics: 2006 albums, Outer space, Space Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: November 1, 2009
Life is as fast-paced as a car in a race and as challenging as a neurosurgery. It’s too short to be the “perfect” like where love, money and peace surround you every single moment. What makes a real, exciting, drama-filled life involves having the career of your dreams, making a difference for someone else and going to outer space -- three of the many things I look forward to. Having the career of my dreams, a pediatrician, is one of the greatest accomplishments I hope to achieve in my life. Since childhood, I have taken a great interest towards the medicine field. Viruses, diseases, and infections are examples of everyday-life illnesses that have always provoked thoughts in my mind about why and how they occur. I love and enjoy taking care of kids, considering the fact that I have grown up my whole life surrounded by children. Through these years, I have established experience leading to my pursuit of a career involving children. Your eyes are where you see the pain but it is your heart that feels it. Along with my career, making a difference in someone’s life is something I sincerely hope to achieve. Helping others is a quality we all possess but most individuals spend the least amount of time doing it for someone else. Contributing my time, effort and talent is a task I enjoy doing because I am enlightening someone’s day. Attempting to make a small donation towards a good cause, volunteering at the hospital or long-term care centre and donating blood are some things I value greatly in my life. Exploring the fascinating places which God has created for us to discover is a way I enjoy fulfilling my imagination. In turn, I would like, along with my other goals, to explore outer space to answer some of the questions I have about life. The silence of space, the awe of seeing the whole world through a window, the separation from all humanity and the thrill of microgravity is an incredible experience I would love to have. Going to outer space would be an exciting...
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