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Case Manager Interview Questions
December 17, 2012
Debbie Prince

Here are twelve questions that Team A has prepared to use to interview our case managers for our week 5 PowerPoint: 1. Assessment and Reassessment (Debra)
* How do you assess clients and what steps are taken to assess them? * How often do you reassess your client and why?
2. Establishing A Relationship (Jasmine)
* What steps are taken to establish a relationship with a client? * What challenges do you face when trying to maintain and establish a relationship with a client? 3. Fostering Client Participation and Empowerment (Jasmine) * What steps are taken to foster client participation?

* If a client does not participate or do what you ask of them during the services, do you empower penalties on them? I’m not sure what this means……… 4. Monitoring (Charlotte)
* How are clients monitored to ensure the correct or needed services are being carried out properly in order to achieve success with the client’s goals? * How often are clients monitored? How can this be asked differently to get more information? 5. Advocacy (Jessica)

* When advocating for a client, what do you feel is the most important point to get across? * Have there ever been any conflicting ethical issues when you have to advocate for a person? How can this be asked differently to get more information? *

6. Evaluation (system used to prevent problems in the future) (Felicia) * At what point during the provision of services do you conduct an evaluation of the process and progress made by the client? How can this be asked differently to get more information? * What system or methods are used to prevent issues from happening in the future?
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