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Motivational speech by nick Vujicic

life is life
life is an interesting journey of ups and downs
but how that journey ends, is up to you today.
you see when you fall down you feel like giving up.
when times get tough it’s not the end.
the question is, are you going to finish strong?
the definition of a disability is something that will prevent you from being able to do something. I think though the greatest disability is not having no arms and not legs, the greatest disability is your mind. The choices that you make

The question Is, are you going to make the right choices?
Are you going to make the choice, to have your life in its right perspective? Are you going to make the choice to get up, instead of give up? Are you going to make the choice to dream big?
There is no greatest disability that we have in our life, than to make the decision to give up. Because once you give up, then there is no hope
but until you give up, there is that hope.
My passion, is to encourage people, to inspire people to be all that they can’t be. I found my purpose,
I found my strength
and I want you to find yours
Don’t be afraid of failing
every time you fall down, every time you fail
You learn something new, you are ready for the next one
You’ve learn how not to do something, Well then learn from it and move on Leave what’s behind and press forward
You can only win if you don’t give up
Go for it, don’t let anything hold you back.
If nothing is holding me back, what’s holding you back?
No goal is too big. No dream is too far
It’s as big, as you can dream it!
There is time in life when you don’t see the purpose, or the good in your situation But just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Who goes to the train station looks down the railways and says, uh! The train is not here… I’m leaving. You would wait for the train, why? Because the schedule says that the train is coming. So just because you can’t see the hope in your...
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