Motivation Program Proposal

Topics: Motivation, Physical exercise, Exercise Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Motivation Program Proposal
Trudy Edey
Course PSY/201
May 5, 2013
Jean Pedersen

I have designed a program to motivate the friends in my inner circle to eat healthier and participate in regular exercise in an attempt to better their overall health. The program consist of individual meal plans coupled with tools such as calorie/carb counters and creative recipes. Products such as low calorie proteins and multivitamins are part of the plan This program nicknamed “getting right for the summer” also focuses on motivating its members to participate in outlined workouts at any decent fitness center.

Over the span of the plan, videos, group meetings, testimonials from people who have changed their life for the better, beginning to end photos, and positive activities will be used to hopefully stem motivation. Things such as “cheat days” and items of acknowledgment will be awarded to those who exceed goals.

Day one consist of unifying schedules. Finding the optimal times to go to the gym increases the probability that all of us will be able to work out together, leading to the ability for members of the plan to motivate the others, leading to increased productivity. Exercises will vary week to week, this will help discourage plateau unwillingness to complete exercises. On the beginning of each week a personal trainer will be used to correctly demonstrate the exercises. On the last day progress will be measured and feedback taken

“Getting right for the summer” is a mini program to elicit fast onset results in about 30 days. The plan is based off of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The intrinsic attributes come from the personal drive to better ones self. A large component of exercise and an health diet come from the internal drive to feel better about ones self. Many people want to become healthier simply to accomplish something meaningful. On the other hand there are a few key externally motivating factors. Eating healthy and working out leads to...
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