Most Influential People in European History

Topics: World War II, World War I, Soviet Union Pages: 9 (3740 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Ten of the most influential people in all of European history have been nominated to win the award for most influential person in all of European History. Over a scheduled television broadcast, each one of the ten individuals will give a brief speech of their accomplishments and how their presence forever influenced European history. Once all have spoken it is up to the audience who was truly the most influential person. In order to ensure that the broadcast is child friendly, written below, in no particular order, are all of the speeches each individual intends to perform. Charles Darwin

Greetings peers. My name is Charles Darwin. I am a British scientist who laid the foundations of the theory of evolution and transformed the way we think about the natural world. I was born in 1809 into a very earthy and well-connected family. In 1809 after graduating from Cambridge University, I joined the HMS Beagle as the ships’ naturalist on a five-year voyage around South America. This is the trip in which I credit with establishing my working methods and knowledge that sustained my scientific career. My observations on the Galapagos Islands, gave me the first inkling of what would eventually become The Origin of The Species. My theory of "natural selection" states that a species adapts to its surroundings by making small genetic mutations in order to survive. The species that do not adapt will die and those who do will survive. Apparently this was very controversial. People claimed that it stripped away any room for fate and God. Because my ideas of evolution and natural selection rely on my observations and science rater than a pure irrational faith in Gods will, many were upset. However, I saw my findings as a way to prove Gods influence on earth and show how he operates. Even though natural selection did not become a widely accepted principle until the 1930s, in the end my findings were becoming more accepted. I am definitely one of the most influential people in European history because my findings have not only influenced the world of science, but the world of religion. I also influenced later social theories such as Social Darwinism. Adolph Hitler

Greetings to all who have come today. My name is Adolph Hitler. I should definitely be considered to win the award for the most influential person in European history because I was the leader of Germany in the Third Reich and my action changed the world forever. Please allow me to elaborate.       I was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria. When I was 16 both of my parents died, so I decided to move to study the art of painting at an art school in Vienna. However, fortunately for me, I was kicked out of art school due to my lack of artistic talent. I stayed in Vienna for some time, and this is when I was able to develop my personal views towards certain groups, such as my hatred for Jews and Marxists. In 1913 I moved to Munich and avoided Austrian military service during WWI at all cost. In 1914, I joined the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment and ended up serving throughout the First World War. I was discussed with Germany's surrender and the Treaty of Versailles. This was when I became convinced I was destined to save Germany.       Once discharged from the army, I became heavily involved in the National Socialist Party, a small extremist group during the Weimar Republic. Quickly rose to a powerful position due to my impressive intelligence and people skills. I gave the party the symbol of a Swastika, which million came to fear and still fear to this day. It came to represent the personal army of 'storm troopers known as the SA or Brownshirts, whose job was to attack any opponents to the party’s' objectives. Because the Weimar Republic was so weak and Germany was in a state of political and economic crisis, I thought that the National Socialist Party would be able to revolt and seize power of the government. In 1923, I led a small sect of the socialist party and attacked...
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