Most Influential Man in History: Benjamin Franklin

Topics: United States, Benjamin Franklin, American Revolution Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Benjamin Franklin
Intellectual, politician, scientist, and peacemaker, these are just a few words to describe Benjamin Franklin, one of the most influential men in history. His roles in all aspects of life are quite important, especially in politics. Benjamin Franklin is called the “first American” because of his role in the formation of the United States. Aside from that he is one of our founding fathers, helped to write the Declaration of Independence, he served as a U.S ambassador to France, and before his death contributed to the constitutional convention and worked to free slaves. Benjamin Franklin was born of the working class family; his father was a candle maker while his mom raised a family of thirteen children. Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 but his political career didn’t escalate until the 1750’s. In 1751 Franklin was elected into the Pennsylvania assembly, and a couple years after was appointed post master of the United States. In 1957 he was sent to England by the Assembly, Franklin was on the good side of the British until the stamp Act. The stamp act outraged franklin, shortly after that Franklin found secret letters from Thomas Hutchinson, the governor of Massachusetts who was working for the king. Franklin sent these letters back to the U.S which caused a major scandal and caused him to have to leave Europe. When Franklin arrived to Philadelphia, the American Revolution had already begun and was just in time to help draft and sign the Declaration of Independence. Franklin continues to help unite and aid the country by becoming the first ambassador to France. While in France Franklin talked wonders about the new country and won the French people over, creating a French American alliance. His work didn’t end there, after that he sat through the constitutional convention and helps convince the other states to sign for the constitution. Lastly before he dies he also started to work on eliminating slavery and...
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