Morgue Assistant

Topics: Death, High school, Autopsy Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Morgue Assistant
Education and/or Training Required
There is no requirements to become a morgue assistant but, it is in your on interest (if want to have a higher chance of being employed) to get a high school diploma or a GED where you will focus on classes such as biology, math, computers, and communication. Also they would get a part-time job during high school in an office or health care setting that will make employers want to hire you. So it is up to you how much training and education you need to becomes a morgue assistant. Responsibilities and Daily Activities

Most of their daily activities revolve around the medical examiner/coroner. They help during the autopsies and help collect information and evidence of the autopsy for the report. In addition to having to move them in and out of cold storage for the autopsies procedure, they have the job of cleaning and sterilizing the equipment that is used in the autopsy procedure. Likewise the Morgue assistant has the responsibility of transporting the deceased from the death scene to the morgue. Documentation of Sources

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To me a morgue assistant seems like a nurse but, instead of helping a doctor, they help the medical examiner/coroner where they help prepare the body, move the body, help with autopsy, and collect information. Then after all this they help put the bones and peel the skin back on the body. Also people who don’t like to deal with people would love being a morgue assistant. They work mostly with died bodies and to me I would not like to be a morgue assistant since I would get tired of it quickly. I do see some positives to it though because you do...
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