Moral of the Story with Personal Story

Topics: Sherman Alexie, American films, Family Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Essay # 2: The Moral of the Story

It takes a second to change everything

It was a summer night, August 17 to be exact, at 10:30 PM. I still remember how quiet it was sitting on the kitchen table with my hands close together. All you heard was the tick-tock of the clock. It was the night that I found out that a secret was released.

As I sat down in my wooden chair, with my hands crossed, me eyes wide open, and my feet touching the floor; I heard my aunt Elizabeth speak of what had happen, after I left my cousins house a week ago. “I heard something very personal, something that wasn’t suppose to be spoken of, ” said my aunt. She continues to speak and as she speaks, her eyes are looking directly to mine, and she gently grabs both my hands with care. “I heard terrible things from a person you truly love, a person who you wouldn’t image to judge you, talk behind your back, and would reveal a personal secret that now people know and who knows maybe others too” said my aunt.

I was surprised and extremely confused. A lot of things were running thru my mind, I didn’t know what to expect or who to expect. Yet, I was speechless, my heart was racing like the speed of light, I was in shock, my legs were shaking, and my eyes were watery. “It was your dear cousin Amy,” said my aunt. My heart felt like it had been broken into a hundred pieces. My aunt continues, “ She said it had slipped out her mouth, because she was anger”. I remember the day I told my cousin. I recall that summer day, 21 of June, where my life had changed. As I listen to my aunt, I remember how I felt that day. It reminds me of the story Indiana Killer, by Sherman Alexie, where there was a lot of emotion thought the whole novel. An example is an exert from my essay “ Loss of Identity”, “The way Alexie chose to describe Polatkins anger towards her professor was very vivid. You can image her expression and her arguing it her professor because she is confident that she knows all about her...
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