Money Kils

Topics: Person, Causality, Happiness Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: March 3, 2013
"Buying Happiness: The Depressing Reality of Materialism" is an eye opening essay written by Peter Dodson, his arguments in the essay rationalize that money and materialism are the key to living a great life, but there is no promise that it can bring a happy life. In today's world money and materialism are the main components to a wonderful life, but it also carries the negative consequences for people such as making a person ill, causing a person to take a different or questionable path in life, and it creates problems in society due to greed and selfishness.

Firstly money can make a person become ill and develop stress. Most people become depressed over time due to over work in order to make more money. Not only do people become depressed, they also become anti-social and keep to themselves even more. This is because people will have no time to socialize with anyone due to the fact that they are working. An example of this is a person making plans to hang out with their friends but end up cancelling due to him or her having to go to work. Furthermore , these actions can cause illness in an individual and can add to a lifestyle that is both destructive and corrupt.

Secondly people tend to follow the wrong paths of living in the world due to the money and materialism that surrounds them. A lot of people will become lazy and will not put effort into anything. As a result of this, people will eventually turn snobby and hire other people to do their bidding for them. For example, having maids clean their houses or hiring people to do their shopping for them. People rely on money as a blanket of security and they feel a sense of superiority amongst others due to their financial status. Also, over a period of time individuals start to forget the significance of certain things such as religion, family and friends. An individual will begin to believe that they do not need anything in their life because it is already completed with money. Money can make people go...
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