Mollusk shell as a fire retardant

Topics: Population density, Population, Poverty Pages: 1 (589 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Due to overpopulation, problems arise. Poverty is one of the problems that will be evident in cause of overpopulation. There will come a time that the population density of a certain area will skyrocket to uncontrollable values, which in turn the area will be prone to disasters such as fire. Fire in cities is a man-made disaster that is present since ancient times. Many people lose their home, thing and also their lives due to fire. The most common reasons of fire are faulty wiring of substandard electronics and the irresponsibility of mankind. Again, due to overpopulation the intensity of the fire will become greater because people are packed together in which the spreading of fire will be faster than the ordinary. Putting out the fire is a hard task when the population density is high. The streets are narrow in which fire trucks will be having a hard time entering the premise. This will further worsen the condition of the fire because of the delay. The Philippines, known for being a developing country and one of the most populous country in the world. The land of the Philippines is small to contain its number of people so its population density is one of the highest in the world. Another factor that affects its density is that the Philippines is a developing country therefore people from the rural area goes to the urban area which is more developed and will earn a living there, thus population on this type of country will become very concentrated to the point that it is dangerous.

Recently, fires deal more catastrophic damages in the Metropolitan because of its population density. According to, last April 20 2011 in Manila, a fire happened in which 8000 people are left homeless. The cause of this fire is a cellphone charger that has malfunctioned in which the fire spread quickly because the houses were congested. Also according to ”...
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