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Modules 9 & 10

By Smithboiraw1 Apr 22, 2013 513 Words

Modules 9 & 10

Module 9: Critical Vehicle Systems
After reading about the maintenance and safety of your vehicle in Module 9, please answer the following questions (using complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar). 1.Which car system or feature listed in Module 9 do you think is most important? The seat belt is the MOST important feature in the car to me.

2.Why is that particular feature so important? Because it will and can save my life in a car accident or a very sudden stop.

3.How do you benefit from that feature? When I buckle it I know that I’m safe and secure. If we were to come close or get into a car accident I know that I would not be throwing from out of the car.

Module 10: Sharing the Road with Others
Stops and Starts: Reflect on Module 10 and the entire course. Look back at your journal entries. When explaining, please answer in complete sentences, using proper spelling and grammar. Being the Driver:

Stops: Using the information learned in this course, name three things you will not do when driving.

1. I will NEVER use drugs or alcohol behind the wheel of the car, drinking and using drugs are irrelevant towards my life. My life is much more than that. 2. I will never text or talk on the phone when driving, the road will always have my undivided attention.

4.I will never show out behind the wheel of a car, I can very much injure myself or a person inside or around the car.

Explain why you will not do these things while driving.
1.I will not do these things because I can lose my life or take someone else life, a car is a machine that is controlled by me I am controlling it and if I were to do any of those things I would not be controlling it like I should be.

Starts: Using the information learned in this course, name three things you will do when driving. 1.I will watch out for pedestrians and make sure that I am making a complete stop at a stop sign. I will check all the mirrors before driving and put my seat belt on. 2.Make sure that I am paying attention to the roads and everything that surrounds me. 3.I will make sure that I pay attention to all the signs on the roads and make sure that I read them correctly.

Explain why you will do these particular things when driving. 1.These are the rules and regulations of the roads and also laws that will make us become better drivers and respect the roads, other driver and also ourselves.

Riding as a Passenger:
Write about one thing you will stop doing as a passenger.
1.Bothering the driver while they are driving and let them pay attention to the road.

Write about one thing you will start doing as a passenger.
1.Making sure everyone in the car has on their seat belts.

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