Module a Speeches Essay

Topics: John Howard, Indigenous Australians, Australia / Pages: 3 (988 words) / Published: Mar 14th, 2013
How do TWO of the speakers encourage you to consider what should matter to Australians?
Speakers who encourage us to consider significant Australian issues deliver key themes and ever-lasting notions through rhetoric techniques which persuade their audience. Noel Pearson’s 1996 speech, ‘An Australian History for us All,’ challenges the treatment of Indigenous Australians in the past, present and future with the proposal for an intellectual approach to acknowledge previous injustices. He argues that the principles of racial equality, justice and morality should matter to Australians, and therefore the lack of recognition for Indigenous mistreatment hinders our ability to ‘move on.’ Although for alternate reasons, Paul Keating’s, ‘A Funeral Service of the Unknown Australian Soldier’(1993) also encourages us to consider what should matter as he honours the Australian war-dead by reaffirming the Australian ideals of mateship, courage and resilience in the simultaneous bid to unite a population who were at the ‘crossroads’ and in search for our national identity. Both these speakers encourage us to consider major Australian issues and reveal their importance in the past, present and future.
Noel Pearson’s address rivets the need to recognize discrimination and seize responsibility for the mistreatment of Indigenous Australians in the name of justice and morality. In the promotion of these imperative values, he argues that the pathway to reconciliation requires an acknowledgement of the Aboriginal abuse that has created lasting effects, including the 1996 Wik Decision which inverted the previous success of the Mabo Case. Pearson reiterates the need to acknowledge the past, present and future by alluding to several figures such as then-Prime Minister, John Howard. He promotes justice though the misconception of guilt, repeated throughout the speech, by condemning the Prime Minister through his own words, ‘of course we treated Aboriginals very, very badly in the past –

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