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Module Seven Lab Questions

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Module Seven: Lab Questions

Kiran Bir Sethi Teaches Kids To Take Charge

1. What word does Kiran Bir Sethi like? Why do you think she likes this particular word?
2. What are three stages of the learning journey that Kiran Bir Sethi talks about? Explain how she encouraged this journey with her students and what happened.
The three stages Kiran talks about is aware, enable, and empower. Aware meaning see the change, Enable meaning being changed, and Empower meaning lead the change that was made. She encouraged her students and they helps teach their parents how to read and write.
3. How did the students change the city that they live in and change India?
The students changed the city because they went around trying to make a change and stop child labor and talked to people to change their perspective. They changed India by making a toolkit converting it into 8 different languages and sent it to 38 thousand schools and gave them a challenge to take something that bothers them, they have one week and make a change.
4. If you wanted to change one thing about the place you live, what would you change? What solution do you have for the change?
If I had to change one thing about where I live it would have to be the amount of trash I see while walking around my neighborhood. Its disgusting, its all over the side of the roads and the grass. People need to learn to pick up after themselves and not throw trash on the floor it makes our neighborhood look trashy and gross. My solution to the change would be is putting trash cans around the community. So that way people don't have to throw their trash on the ground.
Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity

1. What does Ken Robinson believe about creativity? Why?
What Ken believes about creativity that it is a process of having original ideas with value because you can't be creative if you don't do something.
2. What advantages do children have in being creative?
The advantages children have by being creative is it allows them to have their own self expression. It lets them know what their likes and dislikes are by letting them make their own choices. And most important it lets them be original because everyone has something special about them they just have to figure out what it is.
3. Do you agree with Robinson’s point that schools do not value creativity? Why or why not?
I do agree with Robinson. I agree because while your growing up you lose more and more of your creativity. When you are in school you are thought to do something and make as little mistakes as possible. You rarely hear use your imagination, be creative anymore. When do children get to be creative. You have 4 main subjects you learn about math, english, social studies, and science where is the creativity in those subjects.
4. How can parents encourage creativity?
Parents can encourage creativity by educating your children about their future because it is your job to help prepare them to make something of it.

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