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Describe how you would drill the past tense or another grammar point with a repetition drill.

A repetition drill

The teacher get the students to repeat the form in response to a given stimulus, quite often a gesture or facial expression.

Start the exercise and introduce the form using the ‘back – chaining method’. The phrase is modeled, starting at the end and working your way forward e.g. ‘yesterday’ / ‘to town yesterday’ / ‘I went to town yesterday’. Students repeat each respective ‘chunk’ until the whole sentence is complete and formed. The drill will be staged using silent, choral and individual repetition. Give the target form and ask the students to repeat it silently, reciting it over in their minds. Then, move on to drill the target from chorally. When conducting ‘chorally’ ensure the students are repeating the form in unison, otherwise, recognizing pronunciation indifferences can be difficult.

If pronunciation issues are shown then I can use body language pointing to the respective voice/tone of a word. Ensure to speak naturally so as to give a genuine model of the voice or expression.

A yes-no question drill
To further develop the grammar point a ‘yes/ no’ drill can be used. The teacher triggers the positive response to Simple Past Tense Questions by showing photos of the activity taking place. Teacher:“Did she walk?” / “Did they run?” / “Did he smile?” / “Did it jump?” Student:“Yes, she walked.” / “Yes, they ran.” / “Yes, he smiled.” / “Yes, it jumped.”

Then trigger a negative feedback from the class

Teacher:“Did she walk?” / “Did they run?” / “Did he smile?” / “Did it jump?” Student:“No, she didn’t walk.”/“No, they didn’t run.”/“No, he didn’t smile.”/“No, it didn’t jump.”

End by mixing up the responses. Make sure that the students know what is required from them. Give them clear directions regarding the the form you want them to drill.

A substitution drill

As a teacher you give the full form of a simple past...
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