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This paper now consists over all view of power systems. This paper contains introduction about power system, superiority of electrical energy, Generating of electrical power using by different natural sources i.e (Hydro electrical plant, thermal power plant, nuclear power plants); Transfer the electrical power by using transmission and distribution lanes. And what are the main parts in transmission lines. i.e (conductors, insulators, poles) etc., define grid input and grid out put. And also it consist of history about transmission lines distribution lines, transmission lines and distribution line figures, are what are the main protective equipments in power system.

Introduction - Superiority of Electrical Energy - Generation of Electrical Energy - About Transmission and Distribution – Grid - Protection - Utilization.

Power is the basic need for the economic development of any country. Availability of electricity has been the most powerful vehicle of introducing economic development and social change throughout the world. The process of modernization, increase in productively in industry and agriculture and the improvement in the standard of living of the people basically depend upon the adequate supply of electrical energy. Electrical energy has been the highest priority in the national planning process.

In Electrical power system “Generation” is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumers. The other processes are electrical power “Transmission” and “Distribution”.
Electricity has been generated for the purpose of powering human technologies for at least 120 years from various sources of potential energy. The first power plants were run on wood, while today we rely mainly on petroleum, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power and a small amount from hydrogen, solar energy, tidal harnesses, wind generators, and geothermal sources.

Generally electrical power is generated at the generating stations located at far away from load centres, in view of economic considerations this power has to be conveyed to the consumers residing at various places. Therefore there is need to transmit power from generating stations to the areas to be served by conductor system known as transmmition lines and distribution lines.

In power system consisting of generators, trsnsformers, transmission and distribution circuits, it is invetable that soon or later some failure will occur somewhere in system, it must be quickly detected and disconnected from the system by using protecting equipments.

Electrical energy is considered superior to all other forms (chemical, heat, light, sound, or mechanical) of energy due to the following reasons:- i. cheapness: it is much cheaper than that in other forms and therefore, it is economical to use energy in this form for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes. ii. Convenient and efficient Transmission: the electrical energy can be transmitted conveniently and efficiently from the generating stations, usually located quite away from the centres of usage, through consuctors of suitable size. iii. Easy control: electrically oprated machines have simple and convenient starting, control and operation. iv. Cleanliness: use of electricity (electric drive or electric heating) does not produce smoke, fumes, dust or poisonous gases and...
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