Emerging Trends

Topics: Online shopping, Pakistan, Electronic commerce Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Emerging Trends in Pakistan

Online Shopping
Keeping all other factors aside, I’d choose online shopping just to avoid the pain of having to visit shop after shop to find a decent item of clothing. Such is the case with hundreds of thousands of Pakistani’s who are shifting to the convenience of e-purchases over the traditional 4 odd hour shopping marathon. And then there is the variety, free home delivery, price comparisons, privacy, comfort and whatnot. In a nutshell, online shopping is the way forward and thankfully Pakistan is already on the right track. Online transactions in Pakistan are worth $4 billion annually and it is estimated that in the near future 25% of the traditional businesses in Pakistan will be converted into online businesses. It is safe to assume that with such large fiscal volumes in circulation online, the online shopping sector is going to get a huge boost. According to Nielsen Global Consumer Report, 53% of the people in Pakistan who have access to the internet have shopped online at least once and 63% of them have indicated that they would shop online again. Also according to experts, the launch of an e-commerce website in Pakistan Azmalo.pk; is being considered to be a giant leap towards the start of a new era in online shopping industry in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing economy and it is finding its feet in the field of technology and E-readiness and until it develops a foothold in the online sector, the growth in the number of online shoppers will be restricted. That is not to say that the number won’t increase; just that it won’t increase by the levels that are expected of the benefits that are to be gained. Brand Conscious (Lawn)

Pakistanis are becoming more and more brand conscious, the emerging fashion of lawn has the eyes of most of the ladies in Pakistan due to which the lawn producers are raising the prices on the basis of its demand. Whether it is Sana Safinaz , Al Karam or Asim Jofa these brands have a big...
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