Modern Management Challanges

Topics: Management, Leadership, Quality control Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Some challenges that modern management faces are;
1: Global Competitiveness- the ability of a firm or a nation to offer products and servicesthat meet the quality standards of the local and worldmarkets at prices that are competitive and provideadequate returns on the resources employed or consumed in producing them.

2: Coping with the informal age-When managers can be able to deal with automotive data processing and automotive decision making . 3: Presenting quality service ; "Service quality is a focused evaluation that reflects the customer's perception of specific dimensions of service: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, Empathy, tangibles. Satisfaction, on other hand, is more inclusive: it is influenced by perceptions of service quality, product quality, and price as well as situational factors and personal factors,Service quality affects customer satisfaction by providing performance

Solution to some modern management challenges
Technical aspect managers must become pratical exprts there exerties must refers to the fiels in which they operate Conceptual ; managers should not regard worker as being lazy and being only interested in money they should take it as their responsilility to make workers and encourage them to be productive by considering the following Reward ,work and working condition,security introductory and incentive plan Human Relation Mnagers should regards works as not only desiring money To achieve competitiveness in business and management, individuals and institutions need essential knowledge on a broad spectrum of concepts and issues that affect business around the world. More seriously - how we are going to help local people to adapt and apply modern managerial practices to their local settings and improve their decision-making process and competitiveness 2. What are some of the new challenges confronting managers in today's business environment? The global, one-world economy is changing the nature of competition. The...
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