Are You a Good Boss or a Great One

Topics: Management, Leadership, Boss Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: August 30, 2013

1. What are the pitfalls that plague managers?
Ans. Many managers underestimate the transformational challenges of their roles. Managers in new assignments start out as receptive to change but as the managers start to settle in an organization they lose their fear of imminent failure and often grow complacent. Most bosses reach a level of proficiency and stop there-short of what they could and should have become, they stop growing and improving. Most often managers underestimate how much time and effort it takes to keep growing and developing. However the real culprit is not managerial complacency but it is the lack of understanding. Managers or bosses stop making progress as they reach a certain level simply because they don’t know how to.

2. What are the practical challenges that managers face on a day to day basis? How can they deal with them? Ans. The practical challenges that managers face on a daily basis are meeting organizational targets, maintaining a good team, countering organizational politics and proving oneself as an appropriate boss. To deal with these organizational challenges the person needs to follow a simple approach (prep, do, review) Prep- The person should begin each morning with a quick preview of the coming day’s events and assess how they will help him develop as a manager and enhance specific learning goals. The same thinking should be applied during the day when a problem comes up unexpectedly. Do- One should take whatever action is required in daily work and use the new and different approaches as planned. Managers should hold back themselves from cutting off conflict during meetings so that disagreement can be expressed and worked through. Stepping in only if the discussions become personal or points of view are being stifled. The ideas that emerge through conflict may lead one to a better outcome. Review- After the manager has taken the action, he should examine its outcomes. This is where...
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