Modern Living Has Made the People Weak

Topics: Quality of life, Standard of living, Socioeconomics Pages: 6 (2025 words) Published: August 22, 2010
Modern living has made people of India weak, unhealthy and disease prone...Modern living means adopting the western culture, smoking, drinking, eating pizzas and burgers, etc.Also working at night times in a BPO or a Call Centre is now a days modern living.....But this makes u obese and also mentally sick as scientifically it is proved that brain automatically relaxes...So the people working in the companies become mentally ill and sick......Now don't we see teens and adults smoking in shops, in parties, on roads....It is because of maybe stress or even peer pressure......But smoking reduces 13.9% of the life.....Isn't this unhealthy?Smoking also causes many types of cancers such as lung cancer and stomach cancer....Don't we see obese people around us?Actually the number of obese people has increased....It is because most of them eat junk food regularly and some of them twice or thrice a week............

People have all got influenced by the western styles and now are getting lazier ....people doing night duties dont get proper sleep and hence leading to sleep disorders .....also the busy life of people has made them jump to a easier way of living eating the junk or packed food which is full of preservatives nowadays a walk in the garden has come to a run on the treadmill...You want to go bicycling..........well go to the gym and thats the way it goes ...exercise is not only for burning fats and carbohydrates but for getting in touch with the fresh morning air which keeps u active the whole day,,,,,,,,, it is affecting ,all the people are trying to turn their simple life into sophisticated living.Of course the modern living is directly affecting the people.Now, due to easy availability of many consumer items in the market attracts each and every consumer and they try to procure the item either by spending their saving or taking loan from the banks etc. Both ways the money circulation in the market increases resulting in rise in inflation and related hardships.

ome random points:
1. Modern living presumes clean water, good food, medicine, health care. Do we need primitive life on raw food, untreated water, no medicine to make people of India more healthy and stronger? 2. Modern living has made travel easier, communication faster, trade and commerce easier. Do we need ancient mode of travel on horseback and by boat etc to make Indians stronger and healthier? 3. Modern living has made air conditioning possible in summer. Do we need the extreme heat "loo" to kill many people as earlier to make Indians stronger and healthier (i.e., after death)?

millions of people have now come out of poverty due to globalization, and 1 billion people have been raised to middle class. Coming out of poverty to having a better income does not tell me at all that people of india are weak and unhealthy, in fact it tells me the exact opposite. With globalization more medical services have reached India as well. has given us a better living world in which we can cure a person through our latest technology. Or say it like this earlier women who were pregnant got dead due to unavailability of facitilies 2. With the use of modern living we are saving lots of time. 3.the modern world has provided a base for each profession like doctor, engineer, astronaut etc to flourish in a great way. 4. Modern living has influenced the thinking of people which led to betterment in the condition of women.

one hand, modern technology has enabled people to live in cleaner, less disease-ridden environments, freed up time for many people; enabling children to spend their time learning, and relieving the pressure on families to be financially responsible for their sick and disabled. It has made a standard education available to all, and through the welfare state eliminated a great deal of extreme poverty, and brought advanced healthcare to save and prolong millions of lives.

However, the question there is, how much of this is really as good as...
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