Modern Family

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English 101
11 March, 2013
The Modern Family
The New American Family is quite different from what people used to believe. It is known that things change over time as well as the structure of what perfect is. It was believed that the ideal family was built on a male figure as a bread winner, stay at home mom, and children who went to school as well as respected their parents. The mom and dad parent figure was a very important role and were both present. The father had most of the authority as for the mother just backed him up. As times have change so has the idea of a perfect family. We now see many single mothers raising children by themselves and having all the authority. In the past it was very rare to see a single mother raising a household by herself. We now often see a lot of kids having to deal with the mother figure having all the power and providing for their families. It was not easy being a single mother and taking care of children and having a job especially since mothers did not have jobs. We also see in the show The Suit Life of Zack and Cody that the mother is a single mom and on a everyday daily basis having to struggle with juggling a job, kids, and being the main authority figure. As the article refers to single mothers, the struggle of playing both parent figures, and having to provide an income for her family, we see Carrie Martin who is a single mother apply to the criteria. Carrie has to provide and raise Zack and Cody who are her twin sons and be a single mother all at the same time. She has to manage a work schedule and parental skills all on her own. As well as having to create an extended family for the boys with the members of the hotel and close friends. Maddie being the babysitter, London a close friend, and Mr. Moseby as an employee who sometimes acts as a fatherly figure. Being a single mother works just as good as having both parents involved, it is a bit more complex of course but it’s still a modern way to raise...
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