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MOCK Case Study
AD5 - Audit

Participant Information

This exercise should be considered as an example of case study that could be used in the EPSO Assessment Centre. The problems have not been fully elaborated, but give a global overview of the type of problems you could be confronted with in a real assessment centre.

Copyright EPSO, Office C-80, 1049 Brussel
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior permission of EPSO. This exercise may only be administered and interpreted by persons trained and authorized by EPSO and only under the conditions stipulated by EPSO.

EPSO - EN-INT - MockCS - AD5 Audit - EX - 060810 - V01.05

Mock Case Study Exercise

AD5 Audit

This is a fictitious document only produced for the purpose of this exercise. All references to existing states, international organisations, private companies, departments, their representatives etc. should be considered as mere examples. They do not represent any position of these bodies or persons.

Participants are therefore advised to rely solely on the information presented in the exercise and not on any prior expertise when responding to questions. For this exercise you will assume the role of desk officer at DG Enlargement within the Unit responsible for the Balkan Region. The documentation you need, is integrated in this booklet. You will find in it a certain number of e-mails, reports, articles and other documents that you will need to analyse and integrate in order to be able to properly deal with the assignment given to you. This is your first day in your new job.

It is important that you accept the simulated situation as it is presented to you. Although in a real life situation you would have access to other sources of information and would be able to consult your colleagues, in this exercise you are limited to the information contained in the exercise documents. You are, however, allowed to make logical assumptions where information is missing or incomplete. You may rearrange the documents in any order you wish and add remarks or make notes as necessary. However, remember that the assessors will base their evaluation exclusively on what you write on the lined paper that has been put at your disposal. Therefore, be sure to record on these sheets all the information on which you wish to be evaluated and be sure to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. The Case Study aims at assessing the following competencies: Analysis and problem solving, Communicating (drafting skills), Delivering quality & results and Prioritising & Organising. In addition to the general competencies, it assesses your ability to apply specific knowledge to a particular situation in your domain. Your concrete task will consist of answering questions concerning the situation described in this booklet�

• Make an executive summary of the situation: what are the key issues observed in the Balkan Region?
• Which potential solutions do you see to resolve the key problems in the Balkan Region? • What would be your recommendations for the longer term, taking into account the different parties involved?

• Please include your suggestions to improve the audit process in the future. In total, you have 90 minutes for this Case Study. Please answer as precisely as you can and write as clearly as possible.

Please note:
Today is Friday, 29 June 200X
Last year was 200X-1, next year will be 200X+1


Mock Case Study Exercise

AD5 Audit




Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation The Council of the European Union
Directorate-General for Enlargement
European Commission
European Court of Auditors
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