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Name: EXEMPLAR Date: ………………….

1.1 Choose the FIVE correct functions of assessment in learning and development from the following…

Collect personal information
Complete documents and report to employers
Determining level of knowledge & understanding √
Ensuring that learning is taking place √
Checking progress√
Adhering to course criteria √
Providing a summary to learning √
Stop Learners from wasting time
Discourage Learners from choosing own methods of assessment

1.2 Name and define the FIVE correct key concepts and principles of assessment from the following… Collective; Initial; Occasional; Primary; Formative; Summative; Personal; Self; Main: Peer. • Initial assessment is done before any training or other assessments take place to gauge a Learners base level of knowledge or their basic competency level. • Formative assessment is to determine what a learner does or doesn’t know. • Summative assessment checks learning is progressing and that knowledge is being retained.  • Self assessment will ask them to look at their own skill level and make a judgment. • Peer assessment will have their ability judged by fellow learners or work colleagues.

1.3 Fill in the missing words to explain the responsibilities of the assessor Assessing learners’ KNOWLEDGE, understanding and SKILLS against assessment criteria in a real work environment and/or under SIMULATED conditions (if allowed) or in a classroom or workshop; as well as choosing and using APPROPRIATE assessment methods at the right time and in the right COMBINATIONS to SUIT learner and evidence gathering. Always giving feedback to learners and recording assessment decisions. Assessment also means carrying out BEST practice with regard to assessment and contributing to the QUALITY assurance of assessment. Knowledge; quality; suit; skills; appropriate; best; simulated; combinations.

1.4 Identify the...
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