Mobile Phone Addiction in Youngsters

Topics: Mobile phone, Addiction, GSM Pages: 12 (3698 words) Published: April 5, 2013

irst and foremost, we would like to thank Almighty Allah for the strength and blessings he has provided us which makes us competent enough to carry out different tasks, it is impossible for us to complete a task without his will. We thank Miss Nadia Ayub who gave us this challenging task and motivated and helped us on each and every step of the research study. We can’t thank enough our parents who always stood by us and supported us. Special thanks to our senior fellows who shared their experience, guidance and provided us with their own reports as references. Of course this report would not be possible without the participation of the students of IoBM who spared their valuable time for our research. It would be unfair not to mention the great knowledge and information provided by different blogs and websites which are acknowledged in the ‘References’ section. Without those blogs and websites it would be an extremely difficult task to make this report. In the end all the group members would like to appreciate each other’s support during the whole research.

Table of Contents

1) Executive Summary3
2) Introduction4
3) Methodology6
a) Samples6
b) Measure6
c) Procedure6
4) Results 7
5) Discussion 11
6) Conclusion 13
7) References 14
8) Appendix – A (Pie Charts) 15
9) Appendix – B (Questionnaire) 24


The primary goal of our research report is to assess the level of mobile phone addiction in youngsters of our nation. Another aim of our study is to determine how the mobile phone addiction affects the time, education, level of concentration and seriousness and social life of youngsters. One of the purposes of our research was also to assess the amount of money today’s youngsters spend on their mobile phone bill. We also tried to determine how much youngsters are attached with their mobile phones and how this attachment has turned into dependency. In order to conduct the research we used the survey method of questionnaires. We randomly selected 80 students from IoBM to fill the questionnaires. Among those 80 participants, 60 were male, 20 were female. We had different types of questions, few were regarding to the amount of money and time youngsters using mobile phones. Some questions were related to the effects of mobile phones on studies of youngsters. There were a few questions which were related to the effects of mobile phone usage on social life. The results we derived from questionnaires revealed that youngsters don’t really compromise their studies with the usage of mobile phones. But the results also reveal that youngsters waste a lot of money on time by sending lots of SMS just for fun rather than communication. Youngsters are psychologically effected by excessive mobile phone usage causing them to hear ‘Phantom Rings’. Social life of youngsters depend on mobile phone and the need of being connected to every one 24/7 has made them a mobile addict. Thus mobile is not a want now, it is a need just like food, water, oxygen, etc. The results also reveal that the negligence of family members is one of the reasons the usage of mobile phone is getting out of control. Thus family members must take an initiative and try to limit their young children’s mobile phone usage. So that mobile phone stays in their children’s lives without having adverse effects on their lives.


Mobile phone is a device just like phone which works on wireless radio signals over a cellular network making phone ‘mobile’ that is easy to carry anywhere for the means of communication just like any other landline phone. Apart from being a basic communication device, mobile phone also offers many other various features which makes it more desirable and unique than landline phones. Some of the services provided by mobile phone are SMS (Short Messaging Service), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), E-Mail, Internet access, Bluetooth,...
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