Cell Phone Effects on Youth

Topics: Sociology, Cognitive dissonance, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 4 (1023 words) Published: June 23, 2013

Question: Comparison of Mass society theory with limited effect paradigm.

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Powerful Effect Paradigm:
In powerful effect paradigm, media has immediate, direct influence and assumes that people are passive and absorb media content uncritically & unconditionally. That paradigm related to Frankfurt school of though. Three theories come under this paradigm; one is Mass society theory, second is Magic bullet theory and third is Critical theory. All that theories based on assumptions, that all theories shows that media has strong impact on audience and a malignant force within the society. Mass society theory:

This theory is related to media and Herbert Marcuse presented this idea. It’s a first media theory and also known as “Grand Theory”. Mass Society Theory is based on various assumptions. Following are the assumptions of Mass Society Theory: 1. The media are a malignant, cancerous force within society and must be purged or totally restructured. 2. Media have the power to reach out and directly influence the minds of average people. 3. Once people’s minds are corrupted by media, all sorts of bad long-term consequences result – not only bringing ruin to individual lives, but also creating social problems on a vast scale 4. Average people are vulnerable to media because they have been cut off and isolated from traditional institutions that previously protected them from manipulation. 5. The social chaos initiated by media will inevitably be resolved by establishment of a totalitarian social order. 6. Mass media inevitably debase higher forms of culture; bring about generation decline in civilization. Limited effect paradigm:

Limited effect paradigm idea has been associated with Paul Lazarsfeld and his colleagues. They focused on the media effect is measureable, short term and concluded that the media played a limited role in influencing public opinion....
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