Mobile Number Portability

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Mobile Number Portability

What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows the Mobile service subscribers to retain their existing mobile number when they move from one Service Provider to another Service Provider with in a same licensed service area. In other words, the Mobile Service Subscriber can switch from one operator to other operator with in telecom circle while keeping the same mobile number.

MNP has often been considered as a tool to effect increased competition and improve quality of service, since the subscriber has the liberty to switch from one service provider to another.


Globally, the introduction of MNP across markets has witnessed a mixed response from customers. The push for MNP implementation has always been led by market regulators in an effort to provide mobile customers with the freedom to move between service providers and drive healthier competition. India is no different. In fact, operators have in the past opposed MNP on the grounds that there is already enough competition in the market and that penetration is still low. Nonetheless, in the interests of customers, this has been brushed aside. Globally also, mobile service providers have been opposed to MNP, fearing higher customer churn rates. Globally, among the major countries, Singapore was the first to implement MNP In 1997, followed by Hong Kong in 1999, Australia in 2001, Germany in 2002, the US and France in 2003, South Korea in 2004, Taiwan in 2005, Japan in 2006 and Canada in 2007 (Refer Exhibit 3). Among the latest countries to implement MNP have been Mexico (July 2008), Malaysia (August 2008), Brazil (September 2008), Romania (October 2008), Turkey (November 2008) and Ecuador (February 2009). Most of these markets had already achieved, or were near, the 50% mobile penetration rate (with the exception of Singapore) during the implementation phase.

Keep your mobile number switch your network
MNP Implementation in Asia:
(Source: Frost &...
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