Mobile App: Building a Relationship between the Organization and Students

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(ICCT Engineering Society Instant Telegram)
This project will involve designing mobile application for the College of Engineering students only.
The IEStagram application designed to the very highest standard that reflects the College of Engineering identity. It is a mobile application that provides information and encourage student to become an active member of IES (ICCT Engineering Society). Through this, there will be a transparency between the organization and the students, themselves.

The lack of connection and information between the organization and students hinders the success of the College department.

A. General
The general objectives of this project are to develop and construct an application that serves as a proposal to improve the medium between the organization and students.

B. Specific
To provide an updated and efficient application that would help engineering students informed about the upcoming events, tutorial offers and news updates.

IEStagram application made to be the medium between the organization officials and the members.
IEStagram provides information to update engineering students and encourage them to join every activity that will be held. Through this, students of College of Engineering can give their comments about the organization. IEStagram application requires internet connection; else accessing to the application does not take place. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY

This system helps the College of Engineering to provide the information needed by the students. Through this application, there will a transparency between the organization and the students without announcing it room to room.

The scope of the project is:
Students can view information and activities of the college department. The application will allow student to give suggestions, recommendations, comments or reactions about the organization....
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