Topics: Mixed martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting Championships Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: October 13, 2008
For the last seven years mixed martial arts has exploded in the United States. For people that are still unfamiliar with the term mixed martial arts or (MMA), this would be the sport featured in such venues as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Pride Fighting Championship, and M-1 Global. MMA is the essence of many various martial arts. These forms of martial arts come from all over the globe. A majority of these forms of fighting were closely guarded secrets and kept hidden from the rest of the world. In a MMA fight viewers will see the athletes practice Muay Thai from Thailand, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu from Brazil, Judo from Japan, Wrestling from America, and many other martial arts. Now, what MMA does is take out unneeded movements and focuses on technique, to make a much more effective way of disabling the fighter’s opponent. Mixed martial arts are important because it introduces people to different cultures. MMA reveals a raw but simple truth that one way does not work. People must unit, and learn from each other and create something that is extraordinary. Mixed martial arts should be recognized as a legitimate sport because it is a highly regulated sport, the athletes in the sport show a great deal of sportsmanship and are highly intelligent, and mixed martial arts is increasingly popular. Most peoples view on the sport is a negative one. Some critics such as John McCain called it "human cockfighting" and also go as far as wanting it banned according to Scelfo (2006). Instead of banning the up and coming sport twenty two states allowed MMA venues to be sanctioned by the states athletic commission as stated by Scelfo (2006). Another common belief is MMA fights have no rules. These attacks are contradicted by the truth that the fights have numerous rules. MMA fights have rules to protect the fighters. To enforce those rules is a trained MMA referee, the referee is in the ring or cage in every MMA fight. Mixed Martial Artist must wear four ounce...

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